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Do you have Yogurt or Dairy Free Sorbet?

We always have a dairy-free sorbet. Check out the shops for the recent flavor. We love a good hard Yogurt and like to offer this on a seasonal and rotating basis.


Do you make anything sugar free?

We do not offer a sugar-free option. Sugar does not freeze and is a key ingredient in keeping our ice cream soft and scoop-able.


What is Lafaza Madagascar Vanilla?

Lafaza Madagascar Vanilla is the vanilla extract and bean powder that we use in our ice creams. This Vanilla is sustainable AND harvested in Madagascar and imported by a great company called Lafaza. The company was started by Peace Corps Volunteers and includes a native Columbia Falls, Montanan as one of the owners. Check out the website for more information:


What is a split scoop?

Sometimes the flavors are so enticing that you want more than one flavor. We offer our single scoop as a split meaning you get two small scoops of different flavors instead of just one flavor. It is a smidge more ice cream than a single scoop.


Where does your milk come from?

Our milk and cream base is sourced locally in Montana.

How do you come up with your flavors?

Everything is an inspiration. We like to reinterpret classic flavor combinations and use local produce and products to create new creative and exciting flavors.


Do you offer tours for school groups? Do you offer discounts for school groups?

Our scoop shops are always available to host your school group. We will provide a short introduction to the company and discuss how we make ice cream and how we come up with our flavors. It is normally geared towards Elementary School age children and younger. After a Q&A session – everyone enjoys ice cream. We offer cones for anyone on the tour. The Q&A session lasts about 10 minutes depending on the kids. We do not offer tours of our production facility. We are not able to accommodate groups at this time.


Can we have a birthday party at one of your stores?

We love birthdays! We do not offer a room charge or a birthday fee. Simply call one of the stores to let us know when you will be coming in. We will be ready for you. You are welcome to bring balloons or open presents while enjoying ice cream. Let your scooper know if you would like to start a tab for everyone in your party or offer only one size of ice cream to your group.


Do you make ice cream cakes?

We love a good ice cream cake! Unfortunately, we are too busy to take care orders.  We made a great video to show you how to make one. Check it out here.


Can I order gallons of ice cream?

Yes! Check out retail ice cream prices on the SHOP PAGE. The ice cream comes in 3 gallon containers, pints or single scoop cups with lids. Special flavors are available based upon availability. If you are ordering more than 1 (3 gallons) container let us know a week in advance.


Where can I apply to work for Sweet Peaks?

Check out how to apply here.  Complete the application and email it back to us or drop it off at the shop where you would like to work.


Where do you make your ice cream?

We make all the ice cream and sorbet in our production kitchen. It is located in Whitefish, Montana. You must have a golden ticket to enter.


Can I give you a flavor suggestion?

We love hearing your flavor ideas. Post your idea to Instagram or Facebook or email us your idea. No promises that we will make it.


I have a product that I grow or make and I want you to use it in your ice cream. How do I contact you?

We can’t wait to hear what you make or grow. Email: with your product, pricing, and availability.


What is in the dog ice cream and the dog pops? Can I eat those?

Dog ice cream contains our ice cream base with beef or chicken broth. Sometimes we mix it up and add bacon or pumpkin. The Dog Pops are for the lactose intolerant pup. They contain water, beef or chicken broth and peanut butter. You can eat them, too. They are made in our kitchen and have a nice salty – sweet taste.  Don’t forget to share with your pup. (Warning – some dogs can’t handle “people” food. Use your discretion when feeding your dog these treats.)


Can you help me open up an ice cream shop in my town?

We do not franchise as we are a centrally owned and controlled string of shops. We love hearing about your town and why it should be the next Sweet Peaks. 


Do you make charitable donations?

We donate product and services to a number of local charities. Please fill out our donation request form and drop it off at a shop if you are looking for a donation. We review donation requests once per month. We focus on local charities that support local children and solve the issue of local hunger as our first priority.


Can I hire you to come to my wedding or special event with your mobile trailer, or truck?

Please check out our mobile page which contains the pricing and general idea. Then - email us with the date of your event, the guest count and what you are interested in. We will check the calendar and our availability. We book for the upcoming year in NOV of the previous year.

Where can I find out the ingredients for a flavor?

Ask a scooper or manager.


Why don't you have a loyalty punch card?

We "punch everyone's card" on free cone day. We do this on our birthday: APRIL 12th!  We also want you to support our small business, not because of a gimmicky card but because our ice cream is amazing and our prices reasonable.

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