Why sip your favorite coffee drink when you could enjoy a boozy version in a cone? This creamy milk chocolate espresso ice cream is mixed generously with espresso grinds, then chopped biscotti chunks take a bath in Spotted Bear Spirits liqueur, leaving you with a frozen treat that will pick you up and fill you up. 



Sweet and simple has met its poster child. Subtle honey-pine ice cream is paired expertly with notes of citrusy lemon and just a dash of cinnamon to create a flavor that will be your remedy. 



For some, bliss is seeing the orange setting sun behind our very own Rocky Mountains. For ice cream lovers, bliss is tangy orange coconut ice cream swirled with sweet strawberry jam.




Break out your flannels! You’re going to need them for this rich dark chocolate maple ice cream that’s loaded with chocolate chips and, of course, maple bacon. We won’t require you to grow a beard to enjoy this seasonal treat, but they don’t call it a flavor saver for nothing!



We’ve heard the term “oldie but a goodie”, but can we introduce “oldie but a greatie”? We combine our robust caramel ice cream and pair it with crunchy buttered rum pecans to create the salty-sweet marriage of flavors that you know and love.



We are going to change the way you think of Winter Blues! Flavored orange but colored an appetizing blue, this freshness-forward ice cream is mixed with short bread cracker bites and rainbow sprinkle swirls.