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Sweet Peaks Ice Cream was founded in 2010 by Sam Dauenhauer and Marissa Keenan. The first shop, located in Whitefish, Montana, opened on a rainy day in April with 12 artisan ice cream flavors. A year later, a seasonal Bigfork shop opened and Kalispell received a Main Street location on April 12th of 2012. On April 12th of 2014 (a day now considered a Sweet Peaks Company Birthday!), Sweet Peaks opened in Missoula, Montana and in April of 2016, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho welcomed a Sweet Peaks store on 4th & Sherman. Bozeman, Montana was next and has been scooping since April 2017! Spokane opened in 2018. 

We are now scooping only in Montana as our ID and WA shops are closed. We miss them terribly but find out hearts belong in the mountains of Montana.


All of our stores now offer between 16 - 18 delicious flavors that are carefully crafted using Montana dairy and a selection of quality ingredients from the mountains West and beyond. Flavors range from the classic (Lafaza Madagascar Vanilla) to the creative (Montana Christmas: Pine Soaked Cream and Huckleberries) and rotate with each season.

We love to use ice cream and sorbet to show-off what farms and backyards of the Rocky Mountain West have to offer. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream is committed to quality ingredients and creative flavors. We are inspired by our community and look to give back and be a part of our neighborhoods every chance we get. (Check out the contact page for our donation form.) Our shops are intended to be gathering places where everyone is welcome and hospitality is our aim. We like great music and cheerful sunlight filled spaces where you can treat yourself and chat with our awesome staff. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream strives to make our part of the world just a little friendlier, happier and a little sweeter with every scoop.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our shops!


With a scoop of Chocolate Love,

Marissa and Sam 

and the entire Sweet Peaks Team






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