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Tupelo Grille + Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

We have partnered with one of our friends (Tupelo Grille Restaurant) right down Central Avenue in Whitefish to create your new favorite holiday flavor. Tupelo Grille is a Whitefish restaurant that opened in 1995 and features Cajun and Southern cuisine. They are known for their Southern hospitality, amazing cocktails and of course their food. And if you have ever saved room beyond the drinks, apps and main entrees, you know they are known for a specific award winning dessert: the famous and decedent Tupelo Bread Pudding. This warm sinful dessert is covered in Chantilly cream and made over 3 days of crafting, marinating, baking, chilling and then blissfully enjoying by yourself or shared with friends.

It sounds like the only thing it really needs is a scoop of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream!

We decided to take it up a few notches and turn our ice cream into an ode to Tupelo's Bread Pudding.

Let us present the Sweet Peaks + Tupelo Bread Pudding Holiday Flavor!

How did we make something so delicious? Let's just say, it involved a lot of collaborating and quick moving hands and fast feet. We churned two flavors of ice cream using two ice cream machines. The first is a bourbon and grand marnier flavor that pays homage to the chantilly cream of the famous dessert. The second flavor is a rich buttery caramel strewn with actual pieces of the Tupelo's very own bread pudding. These two flavors are spun together in each ice cream bucket. One dip through this flavor reveals a little bit of each component and a whole lot of flavor in your mouth. It is the cold cousin to the warm treat you can enjoy only at Tupelo Grille. We hope you enjoy our version as much as we enjoyed creating it and as much as we still enjoy a warm bread pudding while sitting at the Tupelo Bar enjoying some live music. Cheers to Friends and Neighbors!

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