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Birthday Project

The celebrations have not stopped!

At first we navigated the news and what it meant for our stores and our teams. Then we stayed home and nurtured our family. At times, we felt frozen and then we felt invigorated by those lobbying and working for so many small businesses like ours. We are still navigating what it all means and every day seems that it brings new challenges and new ideas. We are working to determine how we will operate in this altered reality when we open. In the mean time, the Spring ice cream flavors have been made and they are too good to leave in the freezer. We have to spread the joy and the sweetness. These past weeks have been so hard for us and so many. We want to come together with our teams and our guests and our supportive communities and celebrate. Why celebrate? Well - we did just pass our 10th anniversary and while the party that we planned didn't happen ( it will in the future - you can guarantee that!) we can still celebrate virtually. We will be selling pints on our website and delivering them in the greater areas of each of our store communities on May Day. Yes - celebrate with us on May 1st! We can't wait to sing Happy Birthday with you virtually and look forward to in person cones and summer days. Thank you for your love and support. We are stronger together! -Marissa & Sam

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