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Spring Hiring Parties - All Store Locations

Each of our team managers is working on a fun event that will happen at each store location - we call it a Hiring Party! Come meet scoopers and managers and ask about the company and what it is like to provide guests with awesome ice cream! We will post dates and times and would love to meet you. Until then - read the following information on scooper hiring and job description for summer of 2018 below. Pay attention to what you need to do in order to apply! We can't wait to meet you!

Scooper Job Description

A Sweet Peaks Scooper is responsible for providing hospitality to customers who enter our ice cream shops. Scoopers educate our customers on the ice creams and sorbets that we make in house as well as the Sweet Peaks Brand and any merchandise sold in the stores. Scoopers maintain a clean work and customer environment at all times. This includes adhering to company cleaning procedures and local health codes. Each scooper works as part of a larger team, always prepared for customers and clearly communicating with co-workers and managers. Scoopers run and manage the register with precision and clarity. Tasks will be done with integrity and enthusiasm and scoopers will function as advocates for Sweet Peaks as well as the larger community.

Scooper Responsibilities


-greet each and every customer with a smile

-offer flavor samples, pairing suggestions, and overall flavor knowledge

-continue to go above and beyond for customers even while busy

-deliver the best product you can each and every time


-keep front of house and back of house organized and clean

-help unload ice cream when deliveries arrive

-work with a sense of urgency while remaining calm

-use coworkers and managers to your advantage and be part of the team


-be knowledgeable about flavors, stores, events, partners and all that is SP

-have fun and build relationships with coworkers and customers

-represent SP positively within the community

What we need from you:

  • Be at least 16 years old at the time of hire

  • Have open availability especially during nights, weekends and able to work past 11pm

  • Be available at least 14+ hours per week with no planned absences longer than 10 days in a row from May-August

  • Able to lift at least 30lbs

  • Attention to detail and able to think creatively

  • Able to work calmly and with a smile in high stress situations

  • Energetic, positive and outgoing personality

  • Willingness to learn and works well in a team environment

  • Have access to a phone that can make calls and text

  • Able to work on your feet for at 6-8 hours

What you get from us:

  • Scooper position starts at minimum wage + tips

  • Free ice cream!

To Apply:

Build a resume including previous job experiences and at least 2 professional references

Write a cover including the following topics:

-Tell us about your favorite ice cream memory and why it’s special to you.

-What work/life experiences do you have that have prepared you for this position?

-Why do you want to work at Sweet Peaks Ice Cream?

-send in pdf form - please.

Email to: Lauren

or Bring everything and a smile to your store of choice during the hiring party. Dates and locations to be announced soon!

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