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Spokane, Washington - Here we come! Join the Team

Hello Spokane! We are so very excited to open a store in downtown Spokane this spring. That means - we need awesome scoopers to work out shop! But first - we need an amazing store manager who will help guide our team, build our presence in Spokane and generally love life and ice cream with us!

Do you think you have what it takes? Check out the job description below and then email us your resume with a cover letter.

Tell us all about you and your experiences. Tell us why you are the next best thing since Chocolate Ice Cream. We can't wait to hear all about you and us and SPOKANE!

Shop Manager Job Description

The Sweet Peaks Shop Managers take on many roles but the most important being that of “Head Scooper.” The manager’s main job is to lead their team of scoopers in providing hospitality and delicious ice cream to each customer that walks in as well as spreading the Sweet Peaks brand throughout the community. Managers are in charge of hiring, training and scheduling a staff for their store in such a way that creates a positive, fun, and creative workplace. The manager will work alongside scoopers in addition to managing the ordering guide, cash flow, quickbooks accounting and any other managerial tasks that may arise. The Store Manager is responsible for reporting back to the store owners and regional manager as well as participating in weekly and monthly manager meetings and team building events (sometimes travel is required). Managers should be self motivated, organized, and a positive and outgoing person. The position will require coordination of community events, wholesale accounts, potential mobile ice cream set ups and more. We are a fun, positive, creative group of ice cream loving people looking for someone to join our team!

Manager Responsibilities


-Lead a team of 10-20 scoopers with a positive attitude

-Create a fun and engaging workplace

-Build and manage a schedule in which the manager is interacting with customers and scoopers

-Train new staff on job responsibilities and the Sweet Peaks Brand

-Work with the owners, regional manager, and other shop managers to create an environment of hospitality


-Order supplies at a fair price to keep the shop stocked appropriately

-Manage the shop’s quickbooks account

-Work with leadership to understand the location’s expenses and meet monthly to give an overview


-Be knowledgeable about flavors, stores, events, partners and all that is SP

-Aid in building relationships for SP within the community

-Suggest partnerships, events to be involved in, and charitable organizations to give to within the community

What we need from you:

  • At least 1 year experience with leading a team

  • Able to lift at least 30lbs

  • Attention to detail and able to think creatively

  • Able to work calmly and with a smile in high stress situations

  • Energetic, positive and outgoing personality

  • Available to work full time days, nights, weekends and holidays

  • Able to work 6-8 hours on your feet

  • Must possess computer skills and be savvy with phone based apps as well as google drive and word docs.

What you get from us:

  • Competitive wage and opportunities for growth

  • Health benefits available

  • Paid time off after 6 months of work

  • Lots of free ice cream!!

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